Vive le Grunge

90's and Grunge is as hot as it can be these days. Reinvention is the key when it comes to fashion. No matter the trend, it seems to have passed by in the last few years. With so many clothing options and media available, it's practically impossible to bring something entirely new to the market. I must admit, it's quite hard not to jump the trend wagon, but individual input is the key. As with grunge, it has been my fall-winter style for years. Zillion layers and Doc. Martens, warm and easy. Who would have thought that grunge would be seen in a collection of YSL?! Talking about a bizarre choices...

Traveling through time is totally possible when it involves fashion. My previous outfit was somewhat 80's inspired. I must say it was one of my favorite outfits for a while, but I feel like the majority of you didn't like it? Not that I try to please anyone here, but the lack of feedback (good or bad) can be pretty annoying.
It's kind of ironic, the times that I'm very excited about an outfit or feel like sharing anything, I get no response. Anyhow, I don't have much time to share anything anymore these days. 
So moving on to the 90's now.

Wearing: Lipsy jacket, Pimkie shirt, Asos dress, Doc. Martens boots, Primark sunnies, Enrico Benetti bag, Six ring, Twice As Nice ankh bracelet.

Finally got some mirrored sunnies! They're from Primark Men's departement and were just 1.5 euro's!!

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