Hope lives on!

Dramatic title, right?! It still seems like spring will never come, but as a rational being I know declaring the new ice age wouldn't be right (STILL FREAKING COLD, just sayin'). But hope really dies last, we all hope for the best and sometimes it pays off. I'm clearly not talking about the weather here anymore ;)

How did you spend your Easter weekend? I watched the Tour of Flanders and watched my favorite, Cancellara, win in a way that only he can and Sagan make an idiot of himself. That one really needs to start using his brain and so do many people who are defending him. If you wondering why I'm talking cycling here, the boyfriend is pretty into it, so I've been following it too. Kind of hard to avoid as it's on tv almost all weekends for months in a row.
We stayed in for the weekend, cooked, ate cake and chocolate, watched old Bond and Dexter and took some outfit pictures. It was still cold, but at least the sun was shining. Doing my best to make a spring outfit even with a beanie and a coat. As you can see I cut and colored my hair. My hair is at least 10cm shorter and my green ombre is gone. My ends were too damaged to re-dye it. Pretty happy with the result. My hair needs to settle for a week or two to look it's best after a haircut, though.

Wearing: Chine coat, Naf Naf dress, Asos boots, H&M beanie, River Island earrings, Russian traditional scarf, Primark brooch.

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