Shoe haul + Primark gear

I practically haven't shopped in months. As money doesn't grow on trees and endless winter didn't allow new summer gear, I patiently sat waiting until it all got better and it did. When spring finally arrived and the financials got better I found myself utterly bored with my wardrobe. So me and the bf decided to make a trip to Primark. The nearest store is in Luik and it was time we paid it a visit. All in all it wasn't half as big as the once I already visited (London and Germany), but I did find some stuff I liked, I always do.

I got two shirts and a classy version of track pants. The white shirt and the pants make a pretty nice combo. My favorite piece from Primark is this yellow polka dot dress. All about it screams summer and prettiness. The quality is amazing, never would have guessed it was from Primark. I have a wedding coming up soon, I hope the weather will be good enough to wear it.
I also got the glasses you've already seen here, Minnie Mouse pj's and a macaron mug.
I hope Primark will be coming to Ghent, the opening was planned for this year, but there's no news about it anymore.

So last week, when the temperatures began to rise I realized I don't have any proper day to day shoes for spring. I decided to hit the local shopping street and ended up buying three pairs in one hour time. I really needed new shoes, right?! And I also bought a new pair of pumps from the 'New Icons' collection the week before. So, four new pair of shoes and one of them are SNEAKERS! I finally found what I liked. They're Nike's with neon green laces, they walk like heaven and I love them!

Light colored footwear is something that was absent in my wardrobe. Now I have these awesome H&M boots for just 20 euros and these studded Anvers loafers in the softest leather.

Also from H&M this delicious mint blazer (-30%-) and expensive looking, but cheap ass jewelry.

My shopping hunger is satisfied for now, I'll try to save up a bit, some home shopping coming soon.
Oh, there's just a Fashionology necklace on the way...

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