Curves & shorts

It seems like spring is finally here, hallelujah! It was about time. Warmer temperatures mean shorter clothing. I myself always loved short shorts, maybe because longer shorts are just the most disgusting piece of clothing ever invented?! A picture of a white pair of 'mom shorts' spontaneously pops up in my head.
Short shorts are also a bit more comfortable than short skirts (crotch coverage), though love them short skirts too. I do love to flaunt my curves as I feel pretty comfortable in my skin. People do tend to stare, but that's nothing new, I just wish some of them would be less obvious about it. Also to people pointing out to me that my shorts are very short: I'm not blind and I don't care about your opinion on the level of coverage of my derrière. I do wear tights with them, so your 'argument' is invalid anyway. Such a version of an outfit is usually worn for a gig or a party, though an occasional visit to the grocery store can be fun too.

Sometimes I just wish I could be teleported back to the 80's, so many cool people and bands and wrong was right. Just to imagine what great shows and parties there were. To have seen Guns 'N Roses in their glory years would've been great. Just to think I was born in 87 when their epic album 'Appetite For Destruction' came out...

Wearing: DIY Levi's shorts, Zara leather jacket, H&M shirt, Jeffrey Campbell shoes, c/o Ray-Ban glasses, c/o Swarovski wrap bracelet, Butler & Wilson skull bracelet.

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