Snow morning

I'm sorry for my absence. These were busy times again. I was helping my friends out at Black Balloon with the rush towards fashion weeks in Berlin and Paris. These girls are taking over the world. With collections already being sold in Tokyo and soon also in Milan. So proud of them and glad to contribute to their growing success.

In other news, winter finally found it's way to Belgium. Not that I'm that happy, but I was surprised this morning when I looked out of the window. I had to get up early (everything before 10am is early to me) and it was still dark. I didn't want to wait, so we went to take outfit pictures at 9am. Actually, I was quite excited about the snow. If you don't have to go to work or school, snow can be fun.

Finally got around to wear my self-made coat. I made it last year in college. It's pretty warm, so perfect for the cold days. Only need to put buttons on it.

Wearing: DIY coat, H&M sweater, Zara turtle neck, c/o G-Star Raw jeans, Sacha boots, Forever 21 necklace, Asos beanie.

HAIL, to the snow gods!

Also want to introduce you to my favorite jeans EVER! I've been living in them for weeks, since I got them at the G-Star Women's Night in Antwerp. These are Arc 3D skinnies and they doesn't even feel like jeans, but more like leggings. Super stretchy and they don't lose their fit. Super comfortable and just perfect. I never bought jeans that were more expensive than 50 euros, but these are totally worth their price tag. I haven't worn my other jeans since. You get them here.

Amagad or what?!

And more news, after 10 years, I finally got a new tattoo. It's on the side of my ribcage. It's not completely healed yet, but I wanted to show it anyway. I wanted something small and elegant to get started again. I'm very happy with it. I'm not going to talk about the meaning of it, because it's pretty clear. It's just a small reminder to myself.
And yes, you can totally call me a hipster now :p

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