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Hi, there! Here we're already in 2013. I hope you all had a good time. 
I'm sure not much has changed, though.
I don't think I ever did an outfit recap post before. January is a month of transition here. I was always pretty busy with studying, but now, first year in a row I don't have to. I must say it feels pretty liberating.

So here's a small recap and some 2013 resolutions all at once. 
Although I've been blogging for some time now, 2012 was really a year I stepped up my game. As I'm pretty (read veeery) self-critical , I'm rarely satisfied with my work, but I'm pretty content with how my blog has turned out the last year. I still have fun doing it and this is what counts. I must admit that I don't have a 'big picture' in my mind, as some of my colleagues do. We'll see where time takes us, go with the flow. Life is pretty unpredictable, so I don't like planning too much ahead.

A review of some outfits of 2012.

You can definitely see A LOT more color than before. Wearing more color was one of my resolutions for 2012. Guess, I succeeded there. 

Which outfit was your favorite from last year? As my style is pretty versatile, I can't really chose. But I love my floral Zara dress and neon sandals, from the top, a lot!

The past year wouldn't have been the same without the people in my life. Close or far away, those are the people who keep us real. Without them I wouldn't be me. 
These are some of my favorite group shots from the past year. I don't have pics from all my friends, but to those who are not here, I love you too, peepz!

2013 Resolutions

1. Find a job - main resolution for this year. Hope the stars will be good this year ;)
2. Get a driving license - also a pretty important resolution. I'm struggling through my theory book as we speak. Other books and magazines are way more tempting, though.
3. Start working out or at least start some sport activity - a resolution that together with 98% of the world fails every year. I'm in worst physical shape, sometimes I feel like a 80 year old, for real! I want to try yoga and swimming. Let's be physical in 2013, sorry, just had to!
4. Get our house ready and move - so looking forward to finally start decorating!
5. Blog more & better - Don't know if I can do more, but there's always place for improvement. Keep it fresh, maybe? Blog suggestion are always welcome. What do you want to see in 2013?
6. Finally print those business cards!
7. Clean out my closet( again) & maybe redefine my style (again)
8. Build up a styling portfolio - styling is one of my big passions and I really want to focus on it this year.
9. Also focus on my illustration & sewing - I got skillz, but I need space to practice them, which I currently don't have. Need to get 4. done!
10. Read more - I need a second life for all these books I still want to read.
11. Get new ink! - after 10 years since my last tattoo (no, I'm not that old, I was just 15), I can't wait to get some new stuff. As my old one was pretty blurry I had it redone last month, it looks as good as new now. New stuff coming up pretty soon.

There's probably more, but that's all I can think of or willing to share here.
What are your resolutions for the new year?

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