After dark

The fact that it gets dark pretty quickly during the winter is pretty annoying. Especially when you don't wake up earlier than noon during the weekends. It's getting dark just a few hours after brunch, luxury problems. I'm even lazier during the cold days. You can't blame me, I had to wake up at 5.20 am for years, I treasure my sleep while I can. The lack of light is a problem for outfit pictures and the cold doesn't make this easier.

But better times are ahead, the weather forecast promises +12°C next week. Now this is just surreal. It's -2°C now. I ain't complaining though, my leather jackets are waiting.

This is the most practical winter outfit. Nothing better than a parka during the cold days. And I love my new pink beanie. I literally found it on the floor at the local H&M. New bargain purchase, just 5 euros, I'm on a roll. A colored beanie is also the easiest way to add color to your winter wardrobe.

Wearing: Sora by JBC parka, H&M sweater, jeans, scarf & beanie, Sacha boots, Zara bag, Twice As Nice ring.

Yes, I'm totally aware, I'm as pale as snow again. 

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