First outfit of 2013

Well, it's finally here. I'm that kind of blogger ( a bad one?)  that has no stock of pictures 
whatsoever it took a while. 
These were taken today in Antwerp, me and bestie took a stroll around Meir to see what's going on at the sales. I'm not really shopping these days, but you can look, right?!
We had a lots of fun, exchanged presents and ate sushi (again).

I actually did buy something. I finally picked up the key bracelet from Fossil I've been drooling on. I got a gift certificate from bestie. I also made the most EPIC sale purchase EVER! Remember the Margiela collab with H&M?! Well, the remaining stuff was dumped at the sales section with most items going for as less as 20 euros a piece. Including the leather pants that came from 400. We just went crazy when we found two pairs in our size. Even though putting them on is a real challenge. It's very possible that the fitting model was anorexic, but after a struggle of at least 10min and lots of sweating I got them on. I'm so happy with them! Can't wait to wear them.

I love layering during the winter days. It's an excuse to wear everything at once. This morning I stood before my closet and couldn't decide what to wear. I hate such days. I definitely have plenty of clothes, but moments like these, you just hate it all. I decided to wear a dress/oversized sweater that I haven't worn for years. I always love stripes and graphic prints are hot for 2013. This dress doesn't even feels like proper clothes. Makes me feel like wearing pj's outside, great feeling btw! Throw in the softest panda beanie and a fur scarf and you're good to go.

Wearing: Vintage cardigan, Lipsy leather jacket, Zara oversized sweater, Salamander boots, Jeff beanie, Fossil bracelet, c/o Swatch watch.


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