The dead will walk

Happy Halloween everybody! What are you up to tonight? Anyone celebrating here?
I'm staying at home. I had my fair share of Halloween fun this weekend. This Friday I'll be going to the show of the famous Glam Rockers (read mockers) Steel Panther, so I'll have another chance to dress up.
In some trashier costume version.

As I told you, we took a walk at the cemetery in the evening. I'm so happy with how the pictures turned out to be. I could do stuff like this every week. Dressing up, yes! 
I was something between a vampire or a zombie Lana Del Rey. Whom, I found out today, will be playing in Belgium next year. Hoping I'll be able to go!

Here they're! Must be one of my favorite pictures on the blog so far!

Wearing: H&M dress, shoes and earrings, DIY cape and flower crown, Mongolian fur stola.

Vampalicious Naomi

Twisted crew.

Thanks again to Annebeth for organizing and inviting me to this great party!

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