Life update + Gaga Report + Outfit = HUGE Post

My post schedule has been interrupted, sometimes life just gets in the way, you know.
I was feeling rather weak since last week. My immune system is usually isn't doing a good job during F/W season. I felt a bit drained after the closet sale last week and this feeling dragged with me more or less the whole past week. Though, I know myself and the signals my body gives me, I often don't pay attention to it and afterwards bear the consequences of it. Despite all of the above I decided to do a shoot this Thursday. It's been too long since I posed for a shoot that's not blog related. I love modeling just for myself. The result of the shoot is awesome and I'll show you some pictures soon.
The fact that one of my outfits existed of not much more than some leather straps and sheer fabric, me posing outside at not more than +15°C and that I was not feeling 100% ok, resulted in me being sick.
Some of other bad stuff on top of it and I was a bit out of my game.

Due to this I also wasn't able to take outfit pictures. I don't look really like picture material right now anyway.
But being behind on my blogging schedule, I still have to tell about my experience of Lady Gaga's Born This Way Ball. So here it comes:

Lady Gaga & Born This Way Ball

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As some of you might know I'm a big Lady Gaga fan. She's one of the few who can combine the whole package. A voice, a writers talent, extraordinary taste, good looks, a strong will and most of all, a compassionate heart. She's just the icon the youth of today needs. 
During the time when media influence is among the biggest on this planet and often being a bad one, the positive massage Gaga brings is worth a lot!
I'm far from a teenager anymore, at least as far as my age goes. Despite of having a rough life I was never the one to complain or wallow in self pity, at least not too much. Having a strong spirit, I fixed myself and learned to cope with stuff. I always was confident and didn't tolerate bullies or bullying. I'd rather hear or say something in someone's face or say nothing at all. People talking shit often got a slap or two from me, boy or girl. I know violence isn't the solution, but at that time it worked for me. Being tough is my resistance mechanism. Moving to a country where people rather talk shit behind other people's backs didn't change me. I still hate that, though I learned not to slap people randomly, I still try to confront rather than to backstab.

High School can be a cruel place. Luckily I always studied arts, so being different was ok. I was also taught to stand out and not be afraid to be myself. Most important of all I didn't care what other people said.
I learned all of the above from my mother or just figured it out myself. There was no Lady Gaga to give that positive message, but she's here now. The generation needs it even more than mine did. I'm happy that her fans all over the world can rely on her and her music in rough times. Even I, being tough and stuff, still need that reassurance from time to time.

I was always attracted to people who stand out and have an outspoken personality. Lady Gaga is the ultimate personification of it. I still don't get why people say she tries to hard or 'acts' that way. Not everyone likes to be average, you know! Lady Gaga is my inspiration. We are almost the same age and I can only admire a girl who can achieve what she did in just a few years. The recent reports involving her weight gain and her reaction to it only proved that she's real and not will not be the slave of the media. She's real, because she isn't trying to hide her problems, worries or behavior. Being at the top, years on the road,... We can only imagine what toll it must take from a person. I only wish she'll be happy and healthy.

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But she proved it once again that she's real. During the epic show she often stopped to talk and to show that Stephanie Germanotta. She learned her fans to be themselves and not be afraid.
I was kind of having a bad day, again, last Sunday when I went to see her. I ordered the tickets back in February, I think, so I didn't have any idea where our seats would be. Well, our seats were at the top of a huge arena. I was glad to sit, because my knees were killing me after the closet sale, but I was totally bummed that I was so far away from the stage. The acoustics, of what supposes to be the best arena of our country, sucked! All I was left with up there was too much bass and my fear of heights. 
I so regretted not having bought the standing tickets! Still, I enjoyed the show so so much! It was just what I needed at that moment. The extravaganza, the dancers, the costumes and that tiny lady who seemed to speak to me directly. People got on stage and cried. I don't know if I would cry, but I'd sure be out of my mind. 

The last time I seen her, we were standing so close to the stage that I even made 'a connection' with one of her guitar players. I had his attention the whole show and he even winked. Booty call or not, he was handsome and at least I was way over 16 at the time :D But I already have a guitar player at home. A girl can only take so much, you know.

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Gaga was both sweet and fierce. I just wished I could've danced my ass of in the monster pit. Instead I was sitting right beneath the sealing. From the first tunes of the show I was ready to camp out next time she'll be playing a show here. I was reminded of her greatness! I especially enjoyed Judas, Black Jesus, SheiBe, Bad Kids, Merry the Night and her emotional take on Hair. You could see that she was tired at times. I just wish she would take good care of herself. 

I wish we were friends, we could party it up, go couture shopping and talk boys. Me and her crew would have a great time, I just know. I also love her dancers so much!
The one thing that stick to me during the show was her saying: "This is my life and I'll live to make you happy and make a lot of albums". Hope this will be true!


Before leaving for the concert I had a little time to mess around and take some pictures. Like today, last Sunday was sunny and pretty warm. I was home alone so I was forced to take pictures with tripod and remote. It was the first time I was taking full body shots and I must admit I hated it! 
I decided to wear an outfit that'd be fun and would go together with my make-up for Gaga's show.
I wore my new dress and wedges for which I swapped with Annebeth. I was dreaming of a sailor dress for a long time and now I has it!! Though a more classic pin-up model is still on my wishlist, I'm happy to have this one too. This short dress reminds me of these kawai cosplay girls and that's the look I went for.
Unfortunately that's not what I wore to the show, as it was too cold and my knees were hurting too much to walk in wedges all night.

Wearing: Chicstar dress, Wild Doll wedges.

So to sum up: I love Gaga and I loved the show. I'm grateful to her to inspire me and millions of others.
She's the ultimate form of escapism!
I'm totally aware that just a few people are going to want to read that long post of mine, but I don't really care. I mostly wrote this for me, to remember. 

Peace out!

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