New load of Fall accessories

The money from the closet sale got reinvested pretty quickly, as you can see. 
It came in quite handy. The Anna Dello Russo's collection hit the H&M stores week after. I'm a fan of her opulent style, so I'm quite happy to have my two favorite pieces from the collection.
The majority of it was a disappointement, the plastic or cheap metal isn't always a great way to imitate diamonds and gold. Though, some pieces were quite succesful and I'm a fan of the packaging. Gotta love jewelry in boxes!
Now I'm ready for the F/W season with my new accessories. You can never have too much!

Crocodile glasses and bracelet Anna Dello Russo for H&M, Ray-Ban Aviator glasses via Smart Buy Glasses, Peace necklace and cross hair clip River Island, Suede jacket True Spirit

Such a cute fella ^^

Turquoise is my new favorite color. Biker jacket love!

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