Though I've been on a shopping restriction lately, several little purchases resulted in a large amount of new stuff. Big fat fail, yeah! It would be smart not to shop in June anymore, cause sales are just a month away. But my addicted heart is craving so much stuff at this moment. Oh, frustration!
The only way is to freeze my cards, Shopocholic style and never turn on the internet again. Oh, and throw out all the magazines! On the agenda is still saving up for a whole house hold and maybe some more designer stuff. But I'll be just as happy with a limitless Zara budget.
Next Monday we're going to shop for my boyfriend, we'll see what that will bring. Must hold myself togetheeer! Please say you understand what I feel!

In the mean time some additions to my wardrobe and jewelry collection. I could seriously dress a fashion army...

I was out of perfume for a while, but gladly I had some DKNY samples of the limited edition of Be Delicious. Pink Macaron was my favorite, so I decided to buy it. It smells like candy and is perfect for the summer! Couldn't resist those candy spiked bracelets from Asos. Jewelry addict above all!

This kind of shirt was on my DIY list for years, but the lack of time always stopped me. I picked up this pink shirt at Zara. The black one is still on the DIY list, myst do something about it soon!

The Guns 'N Roses shirts have been all over the internet lately. I was looking for one for a long time, but usually I hate most band shirts for several reasons. This shirt is perfect because it really has that vintage feel to it. It could easily come from the 90's. The print is just slightly washed and the fabric is super soft! I lived in it for a few days.
Oh, yeah, and unlike some others, I'm actually a fan of GNR and not just a fashion victim. Going to see them in two weeks, actually.

Cross earrings have also been on my wishlist for years. Gosh, what a long list this is :/ They could be worn together or separately. A perfect match with my GNR tee or the rest of my wardrobe. Crosses everywhere!

You have all kinds of addicts, clothes, shoes, bags, but I guess I'm a jewelry addict. My room is stuffed with it. I also collect brooches. This fella is the latest addition to my collection. He was on sale, due to a slight leg injury, poor thing. No other way than to adopt this little beetle. I love his emerald coat so much!

In the mean time two pair of (free) shoes have arrived, going to show them soon.


  1. I love absolutely everything here!Those bracelets and skull t shirt are amazing!

  2. Oh die parfum <3 Ik denk dat ik hem ook ga halen, mijn sample is bijna op, en hoewel ik zoveel parfums heb, grijp ik toch vaak naar deze!
    De armbandjes vind ik ook heel leuk!

  3. Het Zara shirt is echt wel leuk, wordt wss weer een IT-item bij bloggers:)

  4. We have the same shirt, lol. Shirtbuddèhs!
    I own tons of band shirts and it's like you say: I can't stand to see bloggers wear 'em if they don't listen to the band's music.
    Oh well... I love Guns 'n Roses. LOOOVE!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  5. That perfume looks so pretty, I'd love to see what it smells like! That skull top is amazing, I've seen a couple of bloggers with it and really want it!! And the cross earrings are just amazing too =D

  6. ooooh lovely stuff! ik wil nog altijd de gele van die delicious appeltjes denk ik, eens gaan haleeeeen

  7. Nice spiked bracelets, I love them! <3

  8. Love your blog! Hope you will visit mine too! Let me know if you want to follow each other!!

  9. The pink DKNY was also my favorite!
    love love love it