As much as I enjoy parties, gatherings and social events, I often need some peace and quite to come to my senses. I like spending time alone while reading, drawing (hope to finally have some time to pick it up again) or just browsing the sea of internet. Spending time with my boyfriend has the same, soothing effect on me. We're on the same page with everything, so spending time with him comes effortlessly.
Besides the fact that too frequent contact with some people, leaves me drained, I need to watch my health, as I get sick quite fast. So I need to take it easy, which I mostly don't. At times like these I like to retreat in my shell. So now, I'm still sitting in my pjs and ready to crawl back in bed with a good book and take a nap afterward. 
I don't really know why I typed all of this. It's just going to be a random post, with housy stuff. 
Speaking about houses, I need to clean my room ASAP! Chaos is the best word to describe it right now.
So just some random shot's of the beautiful flowers in the garden and animals.

Peonies <3

Epic shot, I knows!

This dog really knows how to make a sad face!

And this is the princess of the house. My boyfriend's cat, is the most incredible cat a person can wish for. She loves me and comes to cuddle and sleep with me. When my cat just hates me.
She can be called a 'cosy cat', she likes all places cosy :)

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  1. dit soort random posts vind ik net zo leuk aan bloggen, dat je gewoon post wat er in je hoofd opkomt zonder na te denken over wat mensen willen lezen. En relaxen is heerlijk, we gunnen het onszelf veel te weinig.