At the harbor

This is what I wore to the Sacha event. I wasn't feeling very well, so I went for a comfy & casual look. This very American like outfit was perfect for the harbor, near which the venue was located. 
It wasn't on purpose, though. My brain wasn't really functioning at all, that day. Originally I was wearing a white men's shirt, but I changed just before leaving, because it was too hot outside. In this combination, I like the striped shirt even more.
I must admit that light jeans were kind of a challenge, but seeing boyfriend jeans pop up everywhere, I wanted a pair as well. I bought them back at the sales in January, but was waiting for warmer temperatures. After wearing them for two days, they became my new favorite jeans. Can't wait to try them out with heels, for a more sophisticated look. 
The theme of the event was 'A touch of yellow'. I just have two yellow items in my wardrobe, one of them is a sweater. The rest is more of a lime, neon shade of yellow, I'm hooked on it. So, my 'touch' was this neon clutch.

I love my new, don't know what to call them, mint 'sneakers' from H&M. Been wearing them a lot, but I'm afraid they won't last that long. Not expecting much for 10 euro's.

Wearing: Zara jeans & shirt, H&M shoes, keychain & studded bangle, Mango clutch, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Swarovski earrings, Michael Kors watch.


  1. Toffe outfit! Die mint sloefkes (zo noem ik ze altijd haha) vind ik ook superleuk, heb ze al vaak vastgehad! Misschien toch eens inslaan... ;)

  2. Gah, you're so pretty!
    Heel leuke sneakertjes (haha beter kan ik ook niet hoor), staat hip bij die gestreepte top! <3

  3. mooie foto's en mooie outfit! ik wil ook een relaxed broek, twijfel nog tussen boyfriend jeans en chino's

  4. :) Love the outfit xx And the background as well !!

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  5. Loving the pop of neon in the clutch!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  6. Oke bij het zien van deze foto's wil ik nu ook een boyfriend jeans! Superleuk gecombineerd, casual maar very stylish! Leuke clutch en nagellak ook :) x

  7. Echt een super leuke outfit! Die neon clutch maakt het echt perfect ^-^
    Ook geweldig leuke foto's! ^-^