This Friday was kind of the opening of 'the bloggers season' here. Bunch of us were invited to the launch of Tiany's second collection for Vero Moda called Kirilove. I looked forward to it a lot, 'cause I haven't seen my blogger friends for a while. And may I say, it was a blast! Everybody looked beyond fabulous and there was a happy vibe in the air.
The collection looks smashing, it's divided in three sub-collections: True Blue (already hit the Belgian stores), Pretty In Pastels and Prints Rock The World. Every category had some nice items, so I'm pretty sure it will be a big hit! I'm especially looking forward to the Prints Rock The World collection, which contains some pretty green (my favorite color) items and some rad leaf prints! For more images of the collection check out BelmodoTV .

There are so many pictures from that night, that I'm going to divide them in two parts. This post will still be a major picture overload, just warning you!

Yay, for cocktails!

Bloggers at work: Afrodite 

Annebeth was Lana Del Rey that night, love them both!

Virtue and Vice

Our bloggers family and Miss Tiany 

Paulien posing perfectly, I'm just pulling a face. Wearing a blazer from Prints Rock The World collection. It's so pretty!

As the night evolved we moved our party to Paulien's place for some sushi dinner. I ended up eating sushi twice that day, but one can't have too many sushi, EVER! 
Next thing on the agenda was the 25th birthday of Kipling, the monkey bag. 

Here things got slightly 'out of hand'. We blame the cocktails

'We're the cheeky girls' by Kim and Annebeth

Hanne aka my date for the night

This was our happy reunion!
I'll show you my outfit and some pictures from a personal shoot in the next post.



  1. Hele leuke foto's meid! Was leuk je nog eens te zien. Die groene blazer staat je trouwens FAB! xx

  2. Hahaha ik kijk zo raaaaar! :D Meestal kijk ik maar zo na vijf cocktails :D Het was super leuk om je te ontmoeten en nog veel leuker om je date te zijn!!! Leuke foto's gurrrl ^^ x

  3. Zag er echt zo goed uit! We wouden er erg graag bij zijn, maar school hield ons tegen met verplichte lessen :(
    Je zag er erg goed uit! Mooie outfit ook ^-^

  4. ziet er zo leuk uit! leuk dat jullie zo goed overeenkomen allemaal :) lijkt me niet evident.

  5. hahah de eerste zin: de opening van het bloggers seizoen! grandioos gewoon! was ook wel zo en inderdaad altijd geweldig om elkaar terug te zien

  6. Hahaha die foto van Annebeth en mezelf is vrij fout :D

  7. Prachtige foto's zeg !!!

  8. Leuk verslag! Vooral de feest, en dus niet zo geposeerde, foto's!