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The sales month finally came to an end. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like sales.
Maybe I even like them too much. All these goodies at sharp prices, just screaming to be bought.
Well, just too often this situation clouded my judgement and left me with an empty wallet and a stuffed closet as a result. But at the start of this year I made a resolution to think twice before I buy something.
It's better to invest in basics which you'll wear often, or save up for a special item, rather than buying a version of something you already possess. I must say I succeeded quiet well. I even resisted on buying anything at H&M and Zara this week.

This time I considered my every purchase and ended up with some great items.
I picked up two cashmere sweaters, both gray. I already wore them in my two previous outfit posts. I'm kind of in love with them, they're so soft and warm. I also bought this dress, I wanted to have a dress with a white collar for quiet a while and getting one for a really low price made it even better!
I also bought a new warm parka, which comes in very handy these cold days. I'll show it to you soon.

And here're all the other purchases:

Starting with some bright colors. I've been loving neon colors for a long time and I'll love them in the future, FO SURE! 
So I decided it was time to add some new items to my neon stash. Looking at them already makes me happy and that's exactly what I need during those cold winter days. 
Off course I also bought something black, a nice top with an open back. I scored those three items at Zara. Never saw them in store during the season, so it was a nice surprise! 

I'm a big music lover and I listen to it all the time when on the go. So a good headphone is necessary. 
Well, I didn't buy the Sony headphones at a sale price, but I needed a pair. My iPod headphones broke after a few years of good service. So I bought another small pair, but they just kept falling out of my ears, which irritated me too hard. So I ended up buying headphones that just stick to your head. It's also much warmer when you wear these in the winter.

And that's what was in the previous box. A big silk foulard from Emmanuel Bossuet for 3 Suisses. Emmanuel is a graphic designer who has some incredible work.

The nebula print of the scarf raises my hipster level, but I just love it so much. I was already fascinated by astronomy as a little girl. The endless stars and spaces are the most beautiful and mysterious things to me.

Well, this Karen Millen jacket is my most expensive purchase so far, everrr. I wanted a leather biker jacket, but  found nothing that suited the state of my bank account. Until I saw this one on the Karen Millen webshop. It still was far out of  my reach, so I waited for the sales. They sold out fast and my size wasn't available anymore. On the last day of the sales I decided to test my luck and visit the store in Antwerp. I was lucky and the jacket was there in my size at -50% of the original price. So I decided to make an investment.
 I love how it's classic, but still a bit tough at the same time. Just the right thing for me. Can't wait to wear it already! Unfortunately it's still freezing.

I showed you these Essentiel loafers at the start of Fall. I absolutely needed them, but I didn't have the money to buy them right away. They sold out fast and I only found a pair in size 37. I was disappointed to say the least. Big was my surprise when I found them in Antwerp in different sizes. Apparently they came in just days before my visit from another store. Me and my best friend ended up buying them. We have a similar taste when it comes to clothes. Sharing a closet would be so easy with her.

Look at them shine! ^^ Awaiting spring impatiently!

This sales period blew up my savings and I'm going to London soon. I'll tell you about it soon. This promises to be an incredible trip! Off course London means Topshop and Topshop means a sad bank account. I'm already holding my breath.


  1. Amazing stuff!
    That leather jacket is awesome! <3

  2. die loafers zien er zoooooo mooi uit ! en de sjaal ook. ik zo er zo in kunnen wegdromen. Much love, Merve

  3. vind het altijd geweldig om de volle prijs te vergelijken met de solden prijzen! en dan zien hoeveel je bespaard hebt! maakt een mens altijd blij

  4. loafers en jas!! echt fantastische aankopen :)

  5. these shoes are awesome! check out my new site, for all the latest trends, inspirations, street styles, haute couture and celebrity outfits, which i have spotted on my recent trips around the world! Tell me what you think on my new post- Kendra Scott's fashion jewelry! Follow each other? :)

  6. love die top van zara! heb die ook zien hangen maar stond mij echt totaal niet. Die loafers zijn inderdaad geweldig, zeker die met studs, maar ik weiger essentiel te kopen. Wasberen, vossenstaarten in hun collectie telkens opnieuw, bah. :)

  7. ik heb geleerd niet té te zijn in alles. niet gezond mentaal om altijd principieel te zijn. Dat verbaasd mij van zara, die hebben nochtans een strikt beleid, staan ook op Peta website als geen bont gebruikers. Ik heb daar ook nog niks van bont zien hangen (en ja ik check steeds :p). Mijn vete met essentiel komt door een mail dat ik hen zond en een belachelijke reactie die ik terug gekregen heb, vandaar :)

  8. Soooo jealous of those loafers! Want them! Were they on sale? Or did you just splurge ;-)
    Great buys I must say.

  9. Ik hou ook niet zo graag van de Sales, ik doe meestal gewoon Zara end that's it...

    Love the loafers!

    Happy weekend x

  10. loving that galaxy top! and those loafers :) xo

  11. Wow, I am really enjoying your sales buys, you definitely picked some fabulous items. I can't wait to see you wearing 'our' orange sweater, it's such a cool one isn't it?
    I am also totally loving the scarf, it's just marvelous and the leather jacket is amazing too.
    I am so with you in investing into some fluo bits, I think it's going to be a huge trend.

  12. nice. xo

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway from the leather satchel co. if you'd like to check it out. :)

  13. Geweldige items! Vind vooral die loafers, het leren jasje en de oranje trui suuuper!

  14. Ik heb mij ook voorgenomen geen onnodige dingen meer te kopen en enkel nog te investeren in dingen die ik wel degelijk draag, en het lukt mij ook wel goed tot nu toe! Ik ben echt een fan van de foulard en de schoenen die je hebt gekocht, they have your name written all over them.


    Ps: I succeeded quite* well ;) xx

  15. that clutch and the leather jacket are amazing!!

  16. Nice shoes! Sweet buys!

  17. all that things are to die for! <3 i'm followin u

  18. I love the print on the scarf!

  19. Superleuke aankopen! En ik snap wat je bedoelt, mijn bankrekening is momenteel ook niet zo gelukkig met mij en mijn shoptripjes. Have fun in Londen!

    XO Aline

  20. Wooow the leopard loafers are great!!