Thanks to Eurostar me and a four fellow blogger-friends headed out on a London adventure this weekend. I can't even start describing how excited we all were. The adventure started Friday morning, just hours before our departure I still needed to pack my bag and choose my outfits. I decided to travel light, which was a really smart thing to do, believe me. At noon Afrodite, Annebeth, Elien ,Paulien and I were ready for departure from Brussels. We got to travel in the Premier Standard area. The time flew by so fast and before we even knew we already were in London. 

Arriving in London, just look at those happy faces!

At the stairs of Palmer's Lodge, our Victorian hostel. It is not only cheap and cozy, but incredibly beautiful too. I felt like I was on a movie set.


After dropping off our luggage at the Palmer's Lodge hostel were we were staying, we headed out to Oxford street. We only managed to visit one store, Primark. All of us went berzerk over the cheap, but wonderful clothes and accessories. Afterwards we were exhausted and hungry as hell. Luckily a table at Strada Spitalfields  was waiting for us. We ended up with a large group of people. The food was delicious, I just couldn't get enough and went for a dessert too.

The next day we headed out to Topshop and lost track of time once again, basically repeating the scenario of the previous day. Some shopped till they almost dropped. We were in need of food so we went for the typical English Fish and Chips combo at Garfunkel's.
Afterwards we headed to Somerset House for a taste of fashion week. Unfortunately we also got a taste of rain + a long walk combo, what left us with almost no time. To be honest I was a bit blown away by the whole happening. It was a pity that we didn't have more time to stroll around. The Eurostar was waiting to take us home...

Gareth Pugh fan group

I just leave you with some more images.

The gorgeous blogger/model/Eminem impersonator Paulien

Annebeth looking sweet in the background


Happy Afrodite and Elien feeling totally at home.

Wanted to take the book store home, bag didn't agree :(

The food deserves it's own section here

The fish was huge and heavily fried. I'm sure you could actually cause injuries with it. It was delicious, though!

Off course we had to take Lana home with us!

Time really flies when you have fun and oh, boy, fun we had! I really want to thank all girls for their wonderful company and this amazing trip and for all the pictures! I love London even more now! Make sure to check out their blogs for their London experiences. Also expect some outfit pictures and a review of my purchases this week.


  1. it was sooooo much fun <3 love the pics, loved the weekend!

  2. Ocht super leuke foto's! Zag er echt gezellig uit ;)

  3. looooved spending my weekend with you <3

  4. The food looks amazing (cupcakes!! <3) and the boots you're wearing, gah they are to die for. I love English bookstores :-D

  5. Looks like you guys had a great time! Lovely pictures!

  6. Wat een geweldig mooie ketting heb je aan!

  7. Looks like you guys had an amazing time! So nice to meet you!