Opening Forever 21

So, here're the pictures of the brand new Forever 21 store that recently opened in Antwerp.
Me and many other fellow bloggers got the chance to check out the store before it opened to large public.
Everyone was very excited and overwhelmed by the size of the store. 5000², three levels, of shopping heaven. 
We also received a voucher of 50 euro's, so the hunt was on. The funny thing is that I lost some people out of sight ,during my two hour shopping spree, and  never saw them back. That must give you an indication of how large the store really is.
I must say I say I really liked what I saw, not only is the interior very impressive, but also many of the items.
There's something for everyone, you just drown in clothes, shoes and accessories. Not always easy to take your pick with so much goods luring at you! One of the biggest pluses of the store are the super large fitting rooms with a large mirror and a decent door. I just hate curtains!!
I liked the store way better than the one in Brussels, a wider range of styles and lack of hundreds of people was probably the reason. 

I'll be going back for sure. There are plenty of colored jeans and necklaces waiting to find a home.

So, the official pictures first. Due to an outrage need to shop and lack of free hands I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures.

My favorite room. Look at that floor and all those tables!

Annebeth is taking a picture of me while our picture is being taking. Vicious circle, I tell you!

Nathalie and me

Immi looking happy, he can pull a smile like no one else!

No comment.

Blog bar!!!

My pictures from here on. U are likely to see a slight difference.

That's what I call 'hooker panties' Don't get me wrong, I love them! Look at the shine!

Eternal chandelier love!

Glitter floor!

Must have this, a lot of gold, me wants, ... Are just some of the random things that pop-up when I see these lamps.

Hell yeah!

Showing our goods at the blog bar.

Yes, I have a giant strawberry in my mouth!

And ending with what I wore that day. I decided to pay a homage to Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel. 
Annebeth gets extra points for recognizing the look and taking my pictures ^^

I wore Comme des Garçons for H&M blouse, H&M jeans, Asos flats, Danity jacket and Monet & Co brooch.


  1. oh my, IS THIS HEAVEN ?! I adore adore adore the design of this shop - H&M and New Look have just opened in my city but you cannot compare them to THIS BEAUTY ! They even have a blog bar, I mean HOW COOL IS THAT ? xo lucky girls !

    PS: Thank you for sending me the Essential Boots photo - you are too kind. That's one of the reasons why I decided to follow your blog. Starting now :*

  2. HMM, I can't find the Google Friend Connect Follow Button. Help needed.

  3. ahh love the glittery floor! can't wait to hit a Forever 21 store, I still haven't got round to it! hehe and i really enjoy that there was a blog bar- the ideal day out :) just discovered your blog, love it, you've just got a new follower :) xxx

  4. so true about taking pictures, it is always snap snap snap! all you girls look amazing and i love love all the different smiles! oh and i never can get enough of immi's smile

  5. forever 21 in antwerpen is echt geweldig :) heb er overlaatst nog heel wat gekocht :)
    geweldige foto's en ik vind de bovenste verdieping ook heel leuk! :)