Saturday, December 31, 2011

So, this is good bye!

Nobody likes them, unless it's about saying good bye to the old year. Welcoming the new one is all about hopes, promises and good resolutions. I don't like to make many resolutions, only focusing on the important ones. Those that are realistic too :) I must say the resolutions of the past year have been successful. I even managed to hit my goal weight this year. Though the holiday foods sure we'll bring change to it! Or they already did.
The past year has been great on a personal level, sometimes challenging on the level of studies. But I just can't be happier to be alive, healthy and being surrounded by loved ones. These are the most important things!
I only wish that this will continue the next years to come!

Still, this being a fashion blog of some sort, I couldn't do without some material stuff, right?!
Here's my 'realistic' wishlist for next year. The stuff I can actually buy and plan on buying.
First of all a Michael Kors watch. I've been wanting one for three years already and hope it'll soon be mine.
Also a red biker jacket, still on the look out for it. For the rest some nice bling to add to my jewelry collection.

Wishlist 2012-2

This is it, see you next year, peoples! Thanx for reading my blog. stay tuned for 2012!