Friday, November 11, 2011

Riot Girl

Just every time when I think that the good weather must be over, we get another great weekend. Although it's much colder already, the sun still pays us a warm visit. Still, fall and winter time means getting ill a lot for me. It has always been that way and it's not different this year. Due to a lot of pressure at college my migraine has escalated to ugly proportions. But I'm not going to let this post turn into a complaint.

Today is friday 11th, people all over the world are making wishes, hoping they'll come true. Our biggest wish just came true, but we just need it to be confirmed. In the mean time we keep on dreaming and planning our near future. And soon there'll be some big changes in our lives. Speaking about change, it was time for a new lay out. I planned to use the 'Classic' view, but the comment section refused to work. So I'll be using this one, probably temporarily. I like the simple lay out, after all those time, it was time for a change.
Oh, it's also the start of a long weekend for me. I won't be going to college till wednesday! Yaaay! That explains the happy pictures. Good weather + vacation + a preppy outfit = one happy girl

 This outfit was, yet again, inspired by a preppy school style. I took my Union Jack Doc's for a spin. I bought them a while ago from a girl for a ridiculous price. They are in a mint condition. I must say, I'm very happy with how this outfit has turned out. It's full of different details, the pleats, polka dots, the head band and the bow tie, but I think it makes a nice union. Girls just wanna have fun, that's what this is about!

Channeling my inner Michael Jackson

Wearing: H&M sweater, Doc. Martens boots, Zara skirt, Vintage shirt and bow tie.


  1. ah preppy with an English rock and rolla sid and nancy twist! i love it! especially the red bow looks insane! love your little sweater too and of course the boots! they rock!

  2. I never thought I would fall in love with someone over their outfit, but I just did. Aah I love this to an extreme. :3

  3. gorgeous, absoluut gorgeous. En die laarzen, jezus, ik ben ZO jaloers!! Als je nog eens in je vriendenkring iemand hoort die ze kwijtwil: let me know! 39 of 38 :D

  4. Wat een geweldig ferme outfit :). Je strikje en haarband maken het echt af, sterk gevoel voor detail!

    Liefs, Sarah

  5. Zalige foto's, en heel mooie outfit :-) Die boots zijn liefde! xo

  6. Oh, I missed your posts dear ! :x This outfit is fabulous (so well put together) and I adoooore your makeup, it is flawless :)

    Huugs !

  7. The last picture intimidated me... Just a little.
    I love your this look and I love blog.. I am following you now, darling.
    Feel free to stop by <3

  8. Such a cool preppy outfit! Your UK flag shoes are amazing and your bow tie is just too cute <3

  9. What a dreamy outfit! <3 I am obsessing over the dotted collar with the bow tie! So so so gorgeous!

    Lost in the Haze

  10. Haha you look so cute yet tough in these pictures :) gotta love it!

  11. This outfit screams PERFECTION. Daaaaamn!
    De terugkomende rode details, het preppy kraagje, het 50s hoofdbandje én uiteraard de Londen Doc Martens: I love it! Deze look gaat recht naar mijn inspiratiemap!

  12. the last pic is the funniest thing i've seen all day. phenomenal.

  13. you are very different person.. i like this very much!



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