To new beginnings!

You can definitely say that the summer is all gone now. We just had, what it seems, our last summer day this weekend. Although it's still not too cold, but the rain is here and there's just something in the air, that smell of fall.
For once I'm not regretting the end of summer, as it has not been very pleasant in some ways.
I'm all for new beginnings and yet again, this is one for me.
The start of the college season is not too far away, so all the worries will be about that soon.
Starting all over again has never been easy, but I'm a girl who likes a challenge.
Unfortunately the changes of my private life affect my blogging habits too, so from now on you'll see less outfit posts from me. At least for a while. I hope to figure something out as quick as possible.

Anyway, I can't wait to start wearing my trench coats, that French look, channel that romantic feel. I wish I was there, I miss Paris so much...
Seeing the new episode of Gossip Girl made me all happy. B & S in Paris and Chuck arriving!
These are really the moments that make me forget it all and live their lives.

For another news, I have been invited to the Hermès "J'aime mon carré / I love my scarf" party
in association with ELLE Belgium.
I'm very excited to go! I don't want to miss another one. Last week I had to skip the opening of River Island store 'cause of an illness.
I promise to show you the pictures.


Is anyone else going to be there?



  1. Ik wil wel gaan! Maar ik weet niemand om mee te nemen :(!

  2. & er stond geen uur op mijn uitnodiging! Bij jou wel?

  3. 7uur :) Vraag Krizia mee ofzo :p

  4. have fun dvrling! can't wait to see photos from the event


  5. We do have so much in common, and as strange as it may sound, I feel it from the first time I saw your blog. I'm so glad we're discovering them step by step :)

    I'm just going to see the new GG now, and bracing myself for a wave of romantic feelings and styling ideas to come over me as well. Oh the beauty of Paris . .

    That sounds like such a nice party to go to, definitely not something to be missed. To great new beginnings!


  6. hope you do some outfit posts soon, girl! your last one was great-- so chic and love the pop of colour with the necklace!


  7. so cool! I´m really looking forward to the photos! How have you made it to be invited? I want to be invited one day too!

  8. damn u! u're so lucky to be invited to such a nice event! crazy!
    u're the opposite of me! i'm really not looking forward to the end of summer and the begining of fall. i also have the dilemna of what i'm gonna do about outfits posts once comes the rain and the early nightfall!