Red leather jacket & polka dot sweater

While both my professional and social life seems to be booming and busy, there's not much time for shopping. I mostly forgot what shopping in store is, because the interwebs has it all at hand reach. I'm not planning to expand my wardrobe too much this season, but I always love to add pieces to it, that I know I will wear for a long time. When you near a certain age, you just know that you will always be returning to some items.
A red leather jacket was on my wishlist for many long years, but I couldn't find that perfect match, until a lunch break a weeks ago. The only shopping I manage to do in store, is usually in the stores near work and I just happened to bump into this jacket at Pull&Bear. The price was sharp and it's pleather, which is a plus. Too bad it's getting so cold out.
Another favorite of mine is anything with polka dot print. I found this fun sweater at a new Belgian online store  and absolutely adore it. Polka dots don't need much to go with, because it's such a statement print already.
My scarf was also a bargain from Action, I get so excited when I find something on a budget and star print is also a winner in my book. I don't really care about the name on the label, I believe you can dress interesting regardless of the budget you're on. The only thing worth considering is the ethical part of fashion., so I try to get good wear out of all pieces I wear or to donate to charity.

Wearing: Pull & Bear pleather jacket, c/o Zipperz sweater, H&M skirt, Action shawl, c/o Converse All stars.

Comletely mezmorized by my 'cat-eye' nails, can't wait to test other colors.

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