Pairi Daiza trip

We finally managed to visit the largest animal parc in Belgium, Pairi Daiza. We made a two day trip out of it, as it's quiet a long drive back and forth, so we stayed overnight at The Dream Hotel in Mons where we enjoyed a five course dinner, cocktails and a spa on Saturday. The hotel is very nice and located in the heart of Mons, I would definitely recommend it and they offer a good deal that include the accommodation, spa and dinner on

 On Sunday we went to Pairi Daiza. I have never seen a real life panda before and not only they have them, but they also have a baby panda (aka cutest thing ever) that was born about two months ago. I didn't even mind queuing for an hour to see the little wonder. I didn't manage to get good pictures of them, because all of them were asleep and the We've been donating money to WWF panda conservation program for a few years now and I'm thrilled to hear that they are no longer an endangered species.

I notice that some people still have a lot of misconceptions about zoo's. Off course animals being held in captivity is not the ideal solution, but last decades a vast majority of zoo's played a major role in education, research and conservation of species. By having their own breeding programs, zoo's helped endangered species and helped to strive to replenish natural habitats.
Off course there still might be isolated cases of zoo's around the world, solemnly having an entertainment purpose, where animals are treated poorly, but most European ones should have very good living conditions.

Visiting zoo's is one of my favorite past time, so it was a great day and we managed to see a lot of species. Although I was a bit traumatized by accidentally walking into a cave full of giant bats, flying around, without knowing what it was :D Pairi Daiza is definitely worth the trip and I'm sure we will return some day.

Wearing: 3 Suisses Coat, Zara sweater, F21 jeans, Adidas sneakers, Tom Ford sunglasses, Louis Vuitton carre, DIY bag.

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