In white

The temperatures have finally taken a dive, not that I am happy about it, but after all  it's the natural flow of seasons. At least I can take my faux fur collection out of the closet again. As you might or might not know, I'm quite a coat hoarder and faux fur is strongly present in my wardrobe. I'm crazy about my latest white one and dreaming about the same one in black. This coat is quite an eye-catcher, especially paired with white boots, but I don't mind.
  Only problem with a large coat collection, it takes ridiculously a lot of space and although we have a new house,m I still fear there's not enough space for my whole wardrobe. I'll be needing a serious closet clean out soon.

For the rest I'm quite the busy bee and try to save up energy, so I won't get sick again. I do look forward to the weekend, as we will be celebrating Halloween at Annebeth's, which kind of became a yearly tradition. I know it's officially a week too late, but the busy adults that we are, we had to reschedule it, but a lot of fun will be had anyhow! I'm so looking forward to this evening, cause I haven't seen her for six months, due to my new job. We actually just got together to take these pictures last week.

Wearing: Zara faux fur coat, boots & sunglasses, Uknown tee, H&M pants.

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