Checked scarf & black Nike Air Max

As soon as the cold sets in, I prefer to walk around wrapped up in as much layers as possible. I'm particularly happy about wearing my Zara scarf from last Winter. It's a real blanky kind of thing. I even feel somehow protected from the world and all the people around, cause I'm kind of an introvert, to tell you a secret.
I prefer a dry day to a rainy one, don't we all? 'Cause that means I can wear my sneakers. I'm staying true to variations of Nike Air Max models, because I frankly think they're the best thing and quite warm too. Walking on air is literally what it feels like and I can walk so much faster in them (crucial when taking public transport). I got lucky with a new pair, kindly gifted by UK webshop, Mainline Menswear. I actually been wanting a pair for a while, as my previous black pair got some wear and tear already, so the timing couldn't be more right. How fortunate of me to have a size 6, the choice of sneaker models is way bigger if you count the 'men' models. Speaking about choice, the webshop offers some premium brands, so if you're looking for a present for your beau, dad or brother that's a good place to start.

I wanted this particular black pair, as it blends well into my Winter wardrobe, without attracting too much attention. I actually wore them quite a lot to the office, they don't have that 'look at my flashy sneakers' thing going on and that's exactly what I needed. Let's just have a minute to appreciate how great it is to wear sneakers with a dress! Sometimes I slip into a pair of heels at work, but it's nice to know you can walk back home on clouds instead of sore feet.

Wearing: H&M Trend dress, Zara scarf, c/o Nike Air Max sneakers, Asos sunglasses (borrowed from Annebeth).

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