Time for change

I.The Layout

As you might have noticed I changed my blog layout or better say finally came around to changing it. I guess being sick in bed does have it's own advantages. I won't lie and say I'm a major HTML-wizard, I can adjust some basic code, but that's it. A while ago I started researching the blogger design possibilities. I wanted something light and a bit different from what I had, but not too different. Quiet fast I found some templates online, for a small amount of money you can buy a nice blogger template from Etsy or search via Pinterest.
I ended up buying a template from Shiny Magic on Etsy and after some small editing, mostly to change the width of the blog and get Disqus to work (it was being a major bitch!) I have a new blog layout I'm happy with.

II.The Home 

I mentioned it about a zillion times, but there I go again, we're finally moving our stuff, decorating, but also still renovating our house!! I'm more than excited, because the ground floor of our house has started to look like a home at last. We still need to paint the kitchen and finish a part of the bathroom, but the living room looks pretty decent already. We still need some furniture and some decoration. Zara home, here I come! I hope to be able to show you some pictures in the coming months, but for now some living room inspiration that fits to what I aim to achieve. Off course my boyfriend has a say in it too, haha :) Luckily our taste is pretty similar.

As you can see I love darker shades of grey combined with whites. But some of our walls actually have a color (dark one though). Can you guess which?



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