Striped dress, overknee boots and a cat

Let me tell you what's new here. Nothing major, but I cut my hair a bit, to have some layers and get rid of the too dry blond ends. At least I have some more volume now and can brush my hair decently. I have been lusting over lob (long bob) cuts on Pinterest, but I'm still too much of a coward to go shorter. Maybe next year (I probably say this every year).

New in, are my overknee boots, so very happy with them. They're super comfortable, so a perfect sneaker replacement for colder days. I think investing in high quality footwear is a must once you pass the age of 25 or even earlier, if possible. My excuse is that I have 'difficult' feet, so I don't have much choice. I actually also own a pair of high heel suede overknee boots, but still need to take them out for a spin. I can't believe how many pairs of shoes and boots I have lying around. Definitely need more occasions to wear them.
Also new is my hat, cause I can' manage to find my beloved vintage one for a long time. This hat comes from H&M for just 19.95 and is a pretty good replacement.
The dress is already from last year, I wore it quite often, but somehow it didn't get to the blog, until now.

While outfit pictures, our beloved cat, Jamie, came from her stroll and decided to join us. She is quite a diva and demands attention. If it's time to pet you have to leave everything you are doing. I literally had to push her out of the frame and missy wasn't pleased! I like having her on the pictures, though. I feel that Halloween vibe already. Back to being my witchy self, I guess.

Wearing: Zara dress, H&M hat, Janet&Janet boots, Pimkie stola, River Island earrings.

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