Striped shirt and slip-ons

Well, I still can't believe this Indian Summer keeps on going.
It makes me wish I could take off for a relaxed holiday or weekend, but that's not happening at the moment, but at least we're furnishing our home and I can't wait to make it cosy. At this point it still could go into different directions, we got most of our living room furniture. Now I can't wait to buy the small decorations. There goes my money again! What I aim to do is to make our home as clutter free as possible, as I'm kind of a hoarder. Most important is to make it feel like a home, though.

I'm happy this weekend is sunny again, because I'm still not ready to fully wear my Fall wardrobe.

Wearing: H&M Trend dress and skirt, Tango slip-ons, Chanel bag, Michael Kors watch, Fossil bracelet.

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