Bomber and jeans

Still riding the casual (lazy) mode. Sometimes I'm even afraid you won't get to see me dressed up ever again, as I do so during the week, but totally don't feel like it during the weekend. But I bought a pair of my very first Louboutins (YAY) this week, so now I'm obliged to show them. Knowing myself and my current posting schedule, this should happen somewhere before December! Joke or not, my shoe collection has grown again and I need to up my game to get all of it online.

Not much to say, life has been fast and busy and, you know, life, but weather has been a major ass and I totally feel like it's back to Autumn. This makes me depressed! I at least need good weather here, cause not going on holidays, again. 

Wearing: c/o Adidas bomber jacket, Zara shirt, H&M jeans, c/o Nike Airmax sneakers

And ending with another meme that, unintentionally, became 'my thang'. Insert a ridiculous text and you're good to go. Doesn't have to be so serious all the time!

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