Neoprene skirt, pink sweater and Eurovision impression

Time has been flying, I already have the first week on my new job behind me. It's all still very new and exciting and still have a lot to learn. I've also managed to navigate around Brussels (where I work now) without getting lost. Luckily it's the most fancy neighborhood, so I've got quite a view every day.
I'm going to wait a bit with revealing where exactly I work, until I fall into a comfortable routine and find my place within the company. I must say that I'm very happy and exciting for the future!
Off course it wouldn't be me if I didn't have some struggles in the meanwhile too. I have still been semi-sick the whole week and also infected my bf, mom and some colleagues from the previous job. I guess it must have been pretty serious virus I caught. Hope I will lose all symptoms next week and that the weather will turn around as well.

I finally had two days off, a real weekend. I spent some quality time with the bf and we had a great laugh watching Eurovision last night. Truly happy that Conchita won! What a wonderful song and performance! The song could even be a Bond theme song, don't you think? 
I wish the Russian contestants weren't booed so much, it's not like it was Putin performing. Even so, I don't see Obama or any other president, how unpopular, being booed out, no? People should start to grow a brain and not get into these political games as much. You're not hating on one single person, but on millions of people of one race or background. Try to remember this the next time you speak out in public...
The double standards haven't left the world, same people can be so tolerant (cheering Conchita on) or booing two girls just seconds later. Still work to be done...

Pictures by Annebeth

Wearing: Zara sweater, sunnies & boots, H&M skirt & ring, Balenciaga Papier A4 bag. Michael Kors watch.

My last set of nails grew into claws, I'm back to shorter ones now, for practical reasons. 

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