Mint blouse & scuba skirt

Warmer weather automatically makes me dress more feminine and drop all of the layers of a grungy Eskimo.
I won't lie, I haven't really had the chance to enjoy the good weather to the fullest. Being busy working or lazy on my days off. But certainly is nice not to freeze every time that I don't wear three layers of clothing and even take out a skirt for a spin during the weekend.

What I'm really longing for is a trip to some warmer destination, like Greece (which I adore), but I don't think it's written in the stars for this year. I hope for a descent Summer in Belgium, so I can at least enjoy a few days at the local coast.

So, a more feminine outfit, with a slight retro touch, to celebrate warmer temperatures, but I'm nowhere giving up on my sneakers. Just see what I wore today on my Instagram...

Are you already working your Summer wardrobe?

Wearing: Zara shirt, H&M Trend skirt, H&M loafers and rings, Michael Kors watch.

I've been eyeing this shirt for a long time and finally swayed for it, just couldn't resist that delicious minty color. Btw, I'm currently doing a '30 day squat challenge' and I'm currently at 110 squats a day. Kind of proud of myself, getting these legs in shape for Summer.

Also, these fake pony skin (that leather name makes me cry a little) loafers from H&M are only 19,95 euros, are super-soft and approved by my very difficult feet.
That's all, I'm out.

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