Coachella 2014 recap

As it already has become sort of a tradition and I just love seeing celebs in a more relaxed setting, so I couldn't skip the Coachella recap this year. So I bundled up most of my favorite images this year and I'm jealous, as always. I want festival Summer to start, I want warm weather and good music and a good party, 'cause lately I've been feeling like I'm at least in my 40's. This work-home routine needs to be broken ASAP!

Ah, gotta love the Carters and Solange!

Honestly, I don't watch the Kardashians reality show, but Kylie and Kendall Jenner have been popping up everywhere and I like their look. Don't know anything about their characters, though :D

Jared Leto FOREVER

Glad Lilo is still around

Tropico queen 

Ending with the so called 'Queen of Coachella'-Vanessa Hudgens. It's nice to see her back every year.
Love both these looks and especially with such long locks!

Will you be going to any festivals this year? I'll be going to Graspop, which I skipped last year ,hopefully for three days and so looking forward to it. Maybe some other festival for one day as well, as long it's not raining, worst case scenario there.

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