Fringe and Summer vibes

Hello, peeps! I'm so terribly behind on posting again, but I've been either busy or crashing hard the past weeks. I seriously need to get back into that regular posting schedule.
Luckily, after the first Spring 'heat wave' the second one is starting RIGHT NOW. We're going to have an epic weekend, weather wise and just when I was freezing my ass off in a big faux fur coat just yesterday.
Bring it on, I'm ready now! That also involves looking like an albino when being photographed, but I like letting my skin run it's natural course during Winter. I'm so not into that leather couch look that tanning salons provide you of.

Also one fun fact, once it's sunny, I tend to turn into a peace loving hippie, rather than my grumpy usual self.
Bohemian style can be so pretty during Summer months, also this means fringe on everything and jewelry overdosing. My favorite things! 

Wearing: H&M shirt dress, Zara boots, Forever 21 crystal necklace, c/o Ray-Ban aviator sunglasses.

Pictures by Nina Van Wiele

Enjoy your sunny weekend and don't forget about SPF!

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