Adidas bomber

If you told me a few years ago I'd return to a sports look or life style (euhm, working out at all), I'd probably laugh in your face, but this is just how the trends work. Sporty is in and I admit, I jumped that wagon. To my defense, I used to wear sporty/urban gear in my early teens and always loved urban music. And besides, who can't agree that there's nothing as comfortable to walk in as a pair of sneakers?!

Although I love elaborate pieces of clothing and zillion layers, I also need my comfort of skinny jeans, sneakers and a sweater. I also happen to love and be obsessed with coats and jackets, so a nice bomber comes in handy in upgrading that sporty look and not looking like you are on your way to the gym.
I recently got approached to choose some pieces from Scotts Menswear and this bomber jacket from Adidas already caught my eye when Annebeth wore it. At first I didn't choose it, but after another item sold out I went with the bomber after all and so glad that I did. Shopping at a men's online shop is a different experience. It's nice to see different pieces and try to imagine how you're going to style them as a female. Besides, I always loved stealing my boyfriend's shirts and sweaters, so a men's wardrobe is not strange to me.
The bomber proved to be a nice versatile piece and it's pretty warm too, perfect for these chilly Spring days. Big Winner!

What about you, would you shop at a men's department ? 

Wearing: Adidas Bomber jacket via ScottsMenswear, Zara shirt, H&M pants, All Stars sneakers, Twice As Nice Ring, Michael Kors watch, Primark beanie.

A thing that also happened two weeks ago, I got gel nails. My own nails have been breaking off for last few months and almost stopped growing too. Though I heard both sides of pro and contra, I'm glad I did it. I only got four nails elongated and the other once are my own. I love how polished they look, even after two weeks! They also got pretty long and remind me of Lana Del Rey. I'm imagining she even could wear a similar outfit on her day off to chill with the girls. Twinzies!
By the way, my ring finger nail changes color with temperature. It's purple when cold and pink when warm, or both. Too cool!

My rainbow ombre has been slowly washing out and leaving a trace of purple on every light surface I came in contact with, but I'm happy with every state. It's like having a new shade every time I wash my hair.

Inspired by this Spring weather, I abandoned my rule not to wear Summer shoes when it's cold and went with my beloved All Stars, maybe froze my feet off just a little in the process.

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