My VMA experience

Well, I wasn't planning on writing this, but since the interwebz is buzzing about the VMA's I decided to give my view about it. I'll try to keep it to the point.

-First and foremost, I'm sick about reading all the SHIT about MILEY! This just shows how rotten the most people are. I can't even count how many times I saw her ass pass by on my feed in the past two days. Like serious! Ok, these latex pants were seriously too small, a wardrobe malfunction. All celebz have them.
I probably wouldn't have noticed it while watching, if I didn't see it a gazilion times all over my screen first.
I just ask myself is this all people can focus on these days? Only proves how important a 'perfect' body image still is. It's funny, because if you want to see a 'perfect' body, Miley does have one!

Going on about the body image. HOW AMAZING DID GAGA LOOK?! EAT THIS HATERZ! All the people who were going on about how 'fat' she looked last year, praising her now... it's just low. I'm just happy to see her back on her feet, she looked happy and her performance was great. Not her best or most ground breaking, but still amazing. I'm used to expect a lot of her and she keeps on delivering. CAN'T WAIT FOR ARTPOP TO COME OUT!

Back to Miley, her performance was not the best too, but I did like it. I do have a new found love for her renewed image. I read so much disgusting comments about her performance:

-It being racist:  There were a lot of black people with her on stage and in her video, didn't think it was racist, why should you?! A white girl twerking or incorporating pieces of black pop culture into her style/performance/music, not a crime if you ask me.

-Her being a slut/whore/skank: BITCH PUH-LEASE! People should be less prude! Seriously, I pulled the same dance moves at the age of 14, I'm not lying here!. She's a coming of age, young woman, trying to break free from her goody two shoes country image. Cut that girl some slack. Her performance being overly sexual/provocative?! Madonna is over 50 and still does it, why can't she? Or look at Rihanna, Miley looks like virgin Mary next to her. Somehow it's okay for one woman to be sexy and not for another?! It's not like she's 14 like I was, right?! :D
A girl being confident about herself and not giving a damn, a girl having fun on stage with her friends/colleagues, that's what I saw.

Was it the most professional/best directed/original performance ever?! NO! But her voice sounded good and she's a waaay better singer than Rihanna or Katy Perry live. Does everybody need to throw dirt at her? NOPE! Miley is still just a green leaf, but she's practically just starting a new page here.

I did love her red carpet look! Look at how adorbs she looks!!!

Okay, enough about her, moving on! Further about the highlights of the show!
The open gay support was truly amazing! 'Macklemore performing 'Same Love' and winning 'Best Video with Social Message' gave me goosebumps. Unfortunately I can't even imagine this happen in Russia in a near or even distant future.

Yeezus, Kanye West gave a intense performance, the lack of light was a bit unfortunate to me. This is a broadcast show after all... Maybe flickering lights would've been better and that way I could see his crazy moves better. Really looking forward to see him live. When is Yeezus hitting Europe?!

Jared Leto!!! How can one only get more and more perfect everyday. I suspect him being an alien! And 30 Seconds To Mars totally should've performed! Sooo looking forward to see them live again soon!

Bruno Mars - WHAT A VOICE!!!!

Katy Perry closing the show, well, not really a highlight here... That performance was boring to me, I'd rather watch Miley dance with bears over and over. Every time I see a picture of Katy, I love her, I love her look and style, but every time I hear her live I'm totally disappointed. She doesn't have the best voice live and most of her songs are pretty plain. Same with the new single, Roar, nothing major there again, love the picture, though! I feel like she has all this potential, but can't make it work, somehow. Dunno... she does have a huge fan base of young girls, it must work for them.

Selena Gomez looked stunning!

I seriously need to get to bed, as I have to get up early tomorrow, so, last but not least.

And apparently he shares my opinion

(images via Tumblr)

All in all it was a pretty impressive VMA edition. What are your thoughts, guys?
I totally didn't keep it short, I know!

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