Back to ombre

After doubting if I should return back to ombre for months, I decided to go for it. My ends were rather dark, so I decided to hit an actual hair salon, kind of for the first time in my life. Don't think I'm crazy, it's just that my mom used to be a hair dresser for over 20 years and she always does my hair. 
I heard a lot of good stuff about 'Bed Head' in Antwerp, the salon of Toni Kalin (multiple 'hair dresser of the year' winner). After consulting with the colorist St├ęphanie Boutard, who's his wife and also 'colorist of the year' winner, I decided to go for it. At least I could be sure I won't lose my hair. 

Last Wednesday it was D-day. The day itself was a bit disturbing, so the hair appointment was a welcome distraction. I knew beforehand that we couldn't go to a very light stage, for the sake of keeping my hair alive. The top of my head was done as close to my natural hair color as possible. Next step was the ombre. As the products that she used aren't very aggressive it took some time to see results. I left the salon three hours later, pretty satisfied and somewhat sore from sitting. I also had a major blow out and my hair was super voluminous, I wish it would be like this every day!
I can go back in four weeks for a lighter shade.

Wearing: H&M Trend top, Zara skirt, Sacha shoes, Prada sunglasses

A breezy top is another sale purchase, luuurv!

My ombre now, I'm liking the color. Only wishing it would start about 10cm higher.

Right after the salon, I forgot my camera and I only got a crappy picture with front camera of my phone. story of my life. The color shows lighter here, because of the light, I'm guessing.

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