A trip to the zoo and my fave new jeans.

So this is basically a post about (almost) all my fave things in life. My boyfriend, animals, a great pair of jeans and food. If you follow me on instagram, you must have seen my animal spam last Friday, but if you haven't, I'm more than glad to repeat it all over again.
So me and the boyf took a trip to a zoo-parc ( larger zoo, dunno) called Planckendael to see all kind of awesome animals. Yes, that's what people do at a zoo. Even thousands of crazy kids couldn't put us off our mission.
Animals at a zoo are a bit sad, living in captivity and all, but most of all don't know better than that and they get treated great in that parc. 

Four hours, much photo stalking and animal talk later I was seriously doubting about stealing a koala, a raccoon or a capybara (CLICK IT!!!!), but the last one was too big anywayz. It was a happy, happy day! Afterwards we went out for dinner. Mussels from Brussels is totally not about Jean-Claude Van Damme!

Oh, yes, I was wearing my new favorite jeans from Asos. High waisted, acid wash, ripped jeans with a great fit. Retailing at only 16 euros!!!! That shit cray!

Wearing: Zara leather jacket and Gaga shirt, Asos jeans, Converse All Stars sneakers, Michael Kors watch.

Fave Gaga shirt too. If you aren't deaf or blind you must know she's totally back! I can't wait for ART POP!!!

Look at me, all coy and shizz.

Sie animulllllzzzz!

Forgive me for the funky writing, I feel over-excited looking at these pictures, all the memories, not good while tired.

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