Sale recap

You already heard about my most epic sale purchase of Margiela x H&M leather pants. But my sales adventure didn't end there. I've been around many stores, but somehow doubted every item I liked for too long, resulting in all of it selling out. 

But I did end up with a new amazing item. I didn't think I could top of my leather pants bargain, but little did I know. Even a more epic piece was waiting for me. I'm now the proud owner of an exquisite jacket of one of my favorite brands. 


I can't even start to describe how I feel, it's just fashion love. My new jacket is from the epic Dutch brand Viktor & Rolf! The model is so elaborate, the pleat work is just crazy. I can only imagine how difficult the pattern must look. I scored this beauty in one of the outlet stores in Antwerp for just as little as 50 euros. It's just like throwing it away, what a crime. So looking forward to wear it. This damn weather must get better quick!!

The jacket dates back to the Fall collection from 2008. Which is still one of my favorite collections from V&R. My jacket is on the left here.

And some budget stuff from Zara. Blue jeans were on my wishlist for a long time and I was lucky enough to find the very last pair and in my size. And some tops to go with it. Pretty good total look if you ask me. Skulls and bling are hard to resist when your name is Sabina. Waiting for some warmer temperatures now.

And last, but not least, finally my Jeffrey Campbell studded lita's are at home. Most of you are probably tired of seeing them. But it's kind of my thing to pick up a trend when it passes. Kind of weird, but I never claimed to be 'normal'. Anyhow, they're so easy to walk in and cool to look at. My very own monster shoes.
If you want them or another pair, my friend is the only retailer in Belgium. Her store, The Public Image carries a lot of cool stuff. Check it out! 

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