La Fille d'O x JBC x Royal Ballet of Flanders

My favorite Belgian lingerie brand La Fille d'O stepped out with high street collaboration.
Last Friday I attended the press launch of a collection of sports clothes. 
The collaboration between La Fille d'O, JBC, Think Pink and The Royal Ballet of Flanders intends to make the women move more to prevent breast cancer.

The collection is all about soft materials which give the body the comfort it needs during a workout. Perfect for pilates, yoga, fitness or dancing. 
The presentation was held at the Royal Ballet and was far from usual. We had the unique opportunity to see the female ballet dancers during their morning practice, in LFd'O gear.

I always admired ballet dancers, they combine grace and power like no one else can. 
Watching them so closely was magical. Seeing their muscles work and their body's twirl in most amazing pirouettes made me wish I was a ballerina too. But then it was lunch time and I ate two desserts and forgot all about it :D

My favorite thing about the collection are the galaxy prints!

The campaign video is pretty swell too!

The collection is now available at all JBC stores. Can't wait to pick some things out this week!

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