Bad Kid

Even without an occasion, I love to dress up. My new JC Lita's are perfect to pop a casual outfit.
These shoes make me feel like a rockstar. I will not lie, I love studs, leather, fur and crucifixes. Gaga's 'Bad Kids', which is like an anthem to me, makes me wanna dance and hop around in my leather pants and lita's. Such outfits is like a base to me, what comes most natural. This might be the total opposite of most people, but this is how I always felt.

And I totally don't give a damn looking like this while walking through a country side.

Wearing: Vila faux fur coat, H&M 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' sweater, Guns N' Roses band shirt, Margiela x H&M leather pants, Jeffrey Campbell Lita's, Asos earrings, Twice As Nice Ring.

Might be sound weird, but these are one of the easiest pair of heels to walk in!

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