Perfect pair of pants

I was on the lookout for a nice pair of pants. Most of the time I hate choosing and buying pants. So, I was on the lookout, just a bit, because I don't really shop these days. It's 'look, but don't buy' these days. So I was at the local vintage store T2 the other day and they had their monthly '1 Euro' days again. It was the last day, so the store was almost cleared out, except for some grosse retail mistakes. I wasn't expecting on finding anything, but somewhere, in the back of a rack I found these pants. Which happened to be in my size.
My style has evolved to a more 'mature' stage, although I can still pull something crazier off once in a while.
So, I'm in love with these classic carrot pants. Pants named after food are always cool in my book btw.
I want to wear them every day, they fit every blouse that I have. And I get a major kick out of the fact that I bought them for just 1 EURO
Think Twice can be a place of wonders. I found many great items there, including a ball gown.

I want to live in my scarf during these cold days. The only thing reminding me of summer is my fading tan.

Wearing: Ytay jacket, H&M sweater, scarf & leather bracelet, thrifted pants, Zara shoes, Michael Kors Watch, ebay claw cuff, gifted earrings,Vivienne Westwood orb brooch.

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