Curls Wanted!

I've been blessed with shiny, straight, Asian locks, but as most of straight haired girls I dream of luscious curly hair. Though shiny and pretty, my hair is as flat as can be and that I hate. In order to create volume I rarely brush my hair, tangled = messy volume and a bit of a grungy look. Some probably went on thinking 'gross' at this point. Also hair spray is my best friend, which means even more tangling up. Though even through years  10 years of coloring abuse and many hair spray bottles later, my hair is still okay and I have a lot of it.
So, not brushing is pretty much my solution for volume.

Wanting curls, but being lazy to do something about it. Except for a painful accident during my teenage years when I decided to get a perm. Now I only use my curling iron about twice a year, tops. 
So, being bored and unemployed I decided to go to battle and get my curling iron from under the dust.
Using a youtube tutorial with a very lovely girl promising natural looking curls I started the two hour during battle. It took me at least 10 minutes to figure out the technique she was using and even more when I switched sides. 

The result was slightly different from what the girl's hair looked like. Hers were longer, the curling iron thicker and I think I let mine curl longer, which results in a much more prominent curl. My second day curls resembled her result a lot more. Though this technique isn't the easiest, I liked it and will try again in the future.

As my curls looked a lot more 'classic' I pulled a beloved 50's retro look for the pictures.

After shaking it up a bit, a rock 'n' roll look. Borrowed my bf's new GNR tee.

 So which one you like more?

And here's the tutorial

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