Sunday ease

Not much to tell here, except the weather is crap and doens't even remotely resemble summer.
Me and my boyfriend have been working in our house and it's nice to see some progress. We also started watching the old Bond movies. The plan is to work through all of them.
Oh, and today I also made a solitary bike ride without getting killed. Must be proud of myself :p
Going to snuggle in bed now and watch the second Bond film, 'From Russia With Love'. Love seeing Sean Connery play Bond!

So just a quick outfit post, this is what I wore today. Both the shirt and the skirt are thrifted. I love the mint color of the shirt. It's a men's Versace shirt btw. Staying on trend with a twist.

Wearing: Thrifted Versace shirt, thrifted skirt and belt, Hs&M shoes, H&M trend earrings, Ray-Ban Laramie sunglasses, shamballa bracelets from ebay.

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