Radio Modern

I'm desperately trying to get more of my pictures taken, but somehow it never works...
Two weeks ago I was at a 50's theme party and got my picture taken by a local photographer.
One way or another I, again, ended up wearing a H&M head to toe. Not that I'm pleased about it, but that's what happens if you mainly buy your clother there or at Zara.
I wasn't in the mood to wear some gigantic dress that night, so I went for something simple.

 (468x699, 93Kb)
All clothes from H&M, except for the hairpiece. It's from Chapeau Claudette


  1. this is so dita von teese of you. she would be so proud. cute costume! that happens to me like everyday (h&m head to toe) and i am also not proud

  2. Oh, thank you darling! i'm nowhere near Dita, but still, it's a huge compliment. I love her to pieces!!