Alexander McQueen fall/winter 2009

Am I dreaming, is this for real? He just outshined himself ones again. I'm really speechless here!
I see so many different influecences there, it just blows my mind. There's Japan, Africa and the far East, the 40's, fetish & bdsm, Leigh Bowery, over-consumption (stage piece and hats),... It's morbid and outrageous, it's avant-garde avant la lettre, it's everything that I love!


images via daylife and catwalking


  1. ok.. i love these photos... but at the same time, they terrify me! lol I think its because they remind me of something from The Cell!

  2. Oh, yes, it really has this feeling about it. But I love scary stuff, so I'm very content :)

  3. When I first started looking at your blog, I IMMEDIATELY thought of this collection from McQueen and was like, "she'd totally DIE for this line." And sure enough, a few posts down, it's here : )

  4. This is just insane madness! and i'm loving it!! started following you, hope you will follow me back!