Saturday, October 31, 2015


Ah, it Halloween again, one of my favorite holidays. For this Halloween I dressed up in easiest costume possible for me (just wearing my regular clothes and braiding my hair), the one of Wednesday Addams, I'm almost off to Mexico, so I'm more into dressing up as a beach babe at the moment, but maybe we'll have another late Halloween celebration when I'm back.
I also had this outfit post queue, I think some people might consider it Halloween appropriate, for me it's just my normal outfit. I'm still so in love with these boots, still can't get over the fact how comfortable they are. Let's admit, a pair of high heels is rarely is.

Are you celebrating Halloween and are you dressing up?

Wearing: Zara faux fur coat and shorts, H&M sweater, Evado boots, Chanel bag.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

London trip

About two weeks now, which seems a life time ago already, I went for the shortest trip to London. All in all I was there for about 35 hours, after working a full week and going to work the next day back, again. Although I was exhausted, I was happy to be there again. I can't get over the London vibe, so unique. I feel let down every time when I return back to Belgium, it's just not half as cool or maybe it's a matter of the grass being greener on the other side?!
The main focus of the stay was the Series 3 exhibition from Louis Vuitton. It was nice to see the current Vuitton collection up close and to be able to touch the pieces. My favorite part of the exhibition was seeing the artisans, making the Petite Malle in real time. I'm so jealous of the skills and knowledge they possess.
It's funny, because besides the Series 3 we mainly just enjoyed Topshop and browsed Selfridges. Altough I felt like I might die of exhaustion while there. I don't understand why we still don't have a proper Topshop in Belgium!
I'm set on not waiting too long to return back to London.

Wearing: ASOS coat and chelsea boots; Essentiel dress, Vintage hat, Louis Vuitton Coppola bag, Folli Follie watch, Vivienne Westwood broch.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Glitter brogues and ostrich feathers

Today felt really like the first Winter was approaching, I'm scared that it will be a really nasty one. I do like the festivities that go with it, but I also tend to slip into a darker mood, when I don't get to see any sunlight. I can not believe how fast times. Days slip into months before I notice, these pictures where made a few weeks ago during one of the last warmer days. I finally got to wear my DIY jacket. I dragged the feathers with me all the way from Moscow in May. I had a clear picture in mind of what how I wanted it to look, so when I returned home I got the jeans jacket, but ended up making it a bit too late to wear, as Summer was shitty short here. I'm in love with it and will make sure it gets enough wear next year.
Another new item I love is my new glitter brogues I got on sale at Asos. The only thing is that they gave me blisters so bad that I actually still bare the scars of them. Suffering for fashion is still a thing that happens to me and it mainly involves shoes. My feet are made for UGGS only, but I don't want make that into a statement.

I love how the pictures turned out, The Styling Dutchman shot them in raw with her new fancy camera. I should really invest in some better gear, but still have so many things that has priority.

Wearing: DIY jacket, H&M trend skirt, Asos brogues; Chanel flap bag, Zara turtleneck, scarf and sunglasses. Twice As Nice ring, Michael Kors earrings, H&M hair clip.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Life lately

I'm the first one to shout that I don't have a social life, main reason is work, second main reason is me being lazy and choosing my couch and TLC above any social interaction, but I can not complain lately, I've been very active. Proud of myself for participating in social activities, I have to share some snaps (or else it didn't happen).


La Pharmacie Anglaise Bar

One of the most memorable evenings lately was a visit to Hendrick's pop-up bar in old Pharmacie Anglaise in center of Brussels. The bar is set-up as Chambers of Curiosities where you actually can do experiments on your conscience and off course enjoy some magnificent gin cocktails.
The Hendrick's pop-up bar will be open until the 31st of October, but luckily the Pharmacie Anglaise will remain as a bar at this beautiful location, with an interior completely preserved from 1900.
Do visit if you have the time and enjoy this unique atmosphere.

The place to be:

La Pharmacie Anglaise Coudenberg 62, 1000 Brussels (close Brussels Central station). 
Open from 18h - 01h

For more info: 

Spa Day

Just recently I had the time of my life at a spa, I did really need that day of relaxation. We also booked a sweet massage by a lady who could pinpoint my trouble points without me even opening my mouth about it. I wish that massage would have gone on for a longer time. If getting massages could be considered a hobby, it definitely would have been in my top three.
We also got very lucky with the weather, as at the end of September it was still +18°C and we could use the outdoor pool. At last had my Lana moment for the first time. I, actually, never could float on my back, but apparently nothing is impossible when a camera is involved.

Calzedonia Fitness event

'Let's go to a blogger event, they said. It will be fun, they said!' 
I never thought a blogger event could leave me sore for almost a week, but everything is possible. We were invited by Pure to get to know the new Calzedonia Fitness collection, which I previously already spotted on window display and loved, so I was eager. The event involved a work-out session with a personal trainer, which I barely survived BTW. No wedge sneakers were not a good idea, so wasn't stretching ahead too or just plain drop my work-out routine. Ashamed to admit it, these cool leggings have not gone past chilling on the couch yet, but at least I have even more swag now, lol.

Surprising my love

The good thing about blogging is that besides getting an occasional gift yourself, you can surprise your loved one or family with some nice goodies. I tricked my BF in to picking up the parcel for me and asking to open it ahead to see what was in the box, as I wasn't too sure, hah! SURPRISE!
A whole box full of men's goodies I had no clue about (or did I?!) kindly provided by a men's online retailer Tessuti in colab with Hugo Boss. My man is now even more happy.

More fun stuff is coming up soon. I'll be going to London this weekend, Halloween is coming and did you know already I'm going to MEXICO in less than a month?!
Let's try to keep up with blogging too.