London trip

About two weeks now, which seems a life time ago already, I went for the shortest trip to London. All in all I was there for about 35 hours, after working a full week and going to work the next day back, again. Although I was exhausted, I was happy to be there again. I can't get over the London vibe, so unique. I feel let down every time when I return back to Belgium, it's just not half as cool or maybe it's a matter of the grass being greener on the other side?!
The main focus of the stay was the Series 3 exhibition from Louis Vuitton. It was nice to see the current Vuitton collection up close and to be able to touch the pieces. My favorite part of the exhibition was seeing the artisans, making the Petite Malle in real time. I'm so jealous of the skills and knowledge they possess.
It's funny, because besides the Series 3 we mainly just enjoyed Topshop and browsed Selfridges. Altough I felt like I might die of exhaustion while there. I don't understand why we still don't have a proper Topshop in Belgium!
I'm set on not waiting too long to return back to London.

Wearing: ASOS coat and chelsea boots; Essentiel dress, Vintage hat, Louis Vuitton Coppola bag, Folli Follie watch, Vivienne Westwood broch.

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