Glitter brogues and ostrich feathers

Today felt really like the first Winter was approaching, I'm scared that it will be a really nasty one. I do like the festivities that go with it, but I also tend to slip into a darker mood, when I don't get to see any sunlight. I can not believe how fast times. Days slip into months before I notice, these pictures where made a few weeks ago during one of the last warmer days. I finally got to wear my DIY jacket. I dragged the feathers with me all the way from Moscow in May. I had a clear picture in mind of what how I wanted it to look, so when I returned home I got the jeans jacket, but ended up making it a bit too late to wear, as Summer was shitty short here. I'm in love with it and will make sure it gets enough wear next year.
Another new item I love is my new glitter brogues I got on sale at Asos. The only thing is that they gave me blisters so bad that I actually still bare the scars of them. Suffering for fashion is still a thing that happens to me and it mainly involves shoes. My feet are made for UGGS only, but I don't want make that into a statement.

I love how the pictures turned out, The Styling Dutchman shot them in raw with her new fancy camera. I should really invest in some better gear, but still have so many things that has priority.

Wearing: DIY jacket, H&M trend skirt, Asos brogues; Chanel flap bag, Zara turtleneck, scarf and sunglasses. Twice As Nice ring, Michael Kors earrings, H&M hair clip.

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