Sometimes, Chanel...

I'm truly surprised of how wonderful, weather wise the last week has been. I can help to feel I missed out on Summer this year and look forward to a trip to a warm place next year. Unfortunately, I have been sick for the past few weeks to truly enjoy the weather. On top off horrible renovations, moving, working and being too stressed out, being sick was not the ideal scenario, but when is life going according to plan? Don't know for you, but for me it never has been the case.

Not all has been bad, though. The past week I've seen my idol, Lady Gaga in concert again. This time I was standing so close to her, still can't believe it. She's still quite a queen and icon. Though, Artpop as a show might be the least of my favorites, stage props and costume wise, it was nice to see her healthy and on stage again. I hope she's happy too. She keeps on inspiring me with her grand persona and I'm looking forward to a new solo album.

Another positive thing is a new addition to my wardrobe, well not that positive for my banc account (it might have had a digital heart attack). I still can't quiet believe it, but my dream bag is not just a dream anymore. While walking past my secret vintage place, I spotted the classic Chanel flap bag in the window. You know, I had a plan to have a Chanel bag before I turn 30, so I still had some time, but when I saw this beauty, I couldn't resist it. It's everything I wished for, silver hardware and as good as new. I couldn't resist it, because I know I would regret not buying it. The bag is as good as new, so I know I'll be enjoying it for years to come and maybe passing it on to a daughter one day.

Oh, and I also love my new jumpsuit, a back decolleté is everything! I paired the whole with my white All Stars sneakers, not to make it too serious.

Wearing: Pull & Bear jumpsuit, Chanel bag, c/o Converse All Stars sneakers. 

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