Black list

So working around the neighborhood with the best fashion brands of the world is a bit of a challenge. Everywhere you look - so many pretty items, everywhere you look - high price tags. Luckily we also have a Zara nearby, in case of emergencies, but I don't really like the selection there. Been working four months and only actually bought something once! But I it may also have to do with me becoming pretty picky when it comes to shopping, 'cause I'm needing the money for furnishing and decorating the house and also willing to invest in more expensive pieces of clothing. Expensive is all I really see every day, both at work and off.
Some items ('accidentally' all black) have caught my eye, not sure what or if I'm going to get anything, but here's what's on my black list. Now I look at it, this combo would make a killer outfit together. GIMME!

What has been on your wishlist lately?

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